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Social Model of Health (open link to view )

Sydney Women’s Counselling Centre is one of 4 specialist Women’s Health Services and 17 Women’s Health Centres that make up Women’s Health NSW. This network of associations works from the “Principles of Women’s Health” to provide women centred health and wellbeing services across NSW.

The principles of social justice and an understanding of a gendered approach to health or health within a social context are central to our framework.


These are derived from:

The Social Model of Health that recognises:

  • health is determined by a broad range of social, environmental, economic and biological factors

  • differences in health status and health objectives are linked to gender, age, socio-economic status, ethnicity, disability, location and environment, racism, sex-role stereotyping, gender inequality and discrimination, ageism, sexuality and sexual preferences.

  • health promotion, disease prevention, equity of access to appropriate and affordable services and strengthening the primary health care system are necessary, along with high quality illness treatment services.

  • information, consultation, advocacy and community development are important elements of the health process.

Trauma Informed Care that is underlined by an focus on:


Physical and emotional safety for clients and staff is embedded in policy and procedures and is a fundamental aspect of first contact and ongoing service. It is an assertion that women who have experienced child abuse, domestic and family violence and other co occurring issues are at risk of being re traumatized if there is real or perceived danger in the physical/emotional environment in which they seek counseling.

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