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SWCC is a specialist counselling service that works within a Social Determinants of Health, and Trauma Informed Care framework providing counselling to women who are marginalized and socioeconomically disadvantaged. The services provided, support the psychological and emotional well-being of women, while recognising the social, environmental, economic, physical and cultural factors which affect women’s health.


The Centre provides prevention, early intervention, therapeutic treatment and support for maintenance of long term recovery for clients with complex co occurring mental health, addiction and trauma presentations through short, medium and long term counseling.

Although the core business of the Centre is to provide therapeutic counseling services to clients, we also have a highly developed and incorporated community development program, providing education for other service providers and the community and case management through our DVF project (DV Pass).

The centre has vast networks and partnerships with well developed referral channels that facilitate early intervention and ongoing care and support for clients and their families ensuring they can access appropriate individual and family services in a timely manner and with ongoing integrated support.

As an organisation the fundamental principle of quality service provision and ongoing quality improvement, are embedded core principles.

Staff are qualified and receive ongoing professional development training and support.

The Centre has held continuous accreditation for 16 years granted through 5 external reviews and has systems that ensure ongoing review and quality improvements.

In November 2014 the Centre completed 20 years service to clients and the community with a reputable record of achieving good outcomes for our clients, their families and the community.

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

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